How to Maximize the Use of a QSF


Sure. You know that Qualified Settlement Funds – or QSFs – are useful tools in the settlement process. But are you sure you’re taking advantage of all benefits they have to offer?

QSFs create breathing room, preventing “constructive receipt” of settlement funds. This gives you time to properly plan your settlement and ensure complex lien resolution issues and related holdbacks are reconciled prior to disbursement. QSFs ensure that proper client counseling can occur before, during, and even after settlement and enables a host of decisions to be made without the pressure associated with the litigation itself. And because QSFs are advantageous to both sides of the settlement table, they can be used as negotiating tools – do you know how?

This webinar is meant for all levels of experience – it will cover the basics of what QSFs are to finer points that even the experienced may be missing out on.

Join this 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • What a QSF does and why you need one in your next settlement
  • How to get the most out of your QSF
  • How to Establish a QSF
  • What to Look for in a Fund Administrator