GRG Non-Malignancy Alternative Resolution Program

GRG is pleased to announce an expansion of the GRG Non-Malignancy Alternative Resolution Program to include all asbestos litigations. 

Similar to many other alternative programs we have implemented in the past, the Alternative Malignancy Process ("AMP") will include several key benefits to enrolled claimants: 

  • Compliance: Ensures compliance with all MSP obligations including: Lien Repayment, Future Consideration, MMSEA Reporting
  • Efficiency: Ensures immediate disbursement for Medicare beneficiaries and avoids time delays in the traditional process
  • Uniformity: Ensures that similarly-situated participating claimants achieve parallel outcomes. Our web portal access provides transparency and scale.
  • Assurance: Certifying that future healthcare benefits will not be denied as a direct result of improperly considering or neglecting Medicare's interest

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