Outsource Lien Resolution and MSA Administration or Build a DIY Infrastructure?



Outsourcing-eBook-Blog-SeriesWhen it comes to dealing with healthcare liens and Medicare Set Asides, every personal injury law firm has a clear decision to make: address liens internally or engage a third-party service provider.

Firms may choose to dedicate the time, money and resources to “build” an internal system. Alternatively, they may choose to “buy” a solution – in other words, outsource this work to an experienced service provider. But no matter which route a firm chooses, one thing is certain: its clients must come first. A clearly-defined strategy for resolving healthcare liens/reimbursement claims and addressing the question of whether a MSA should be considered in each case is critical to protecting clients and ensuring complete compliance.

Today, we’re excited to bring you our latest eBook, Build It vs. Buy It: How Outsourcing Healthcare Lien Resolution & Medicare Set Aside Administration Could be the Best Decision you Make for your Clients and your Firm.

Here we explore the considerations of outsourcing vs. handling healthcare liens and MSAs in-house. We also discuss the current state of healthcare reimbursement rights, what it takes to process a lien, and the reasons law firms look to outsource this function. The ethics of billing lien resolution fees as case expenses as well as tips for choosing a service provider are also covered.

Over the next several weeks, this blog series will highlight a few of the key concepts from the eBook. Click below to download the complete eBook or subscribe to GRG’s blog to ensure you see the entire series. If you’d like to speak with someone about your firm’s strategy to handle liens and MSAs, feel free to schedule a call at a time that’s convenient for you.


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