GRG at Alabama Association for Justice's Annual Convention



Once again, Garretson Resolution Group (“Garretson”) is pleased to work with members of the Alabama Association for Justice (“ALAJ”) and speak with ALAJ members at the ALAJ annual convention about lien resolution, Medicare compliance and Medicare Set-Aside issues.

This year, John Cattie, our Medicare Secondary Payer subject matter expert, will be on site to answer your questions personally. If you have a question for him, you can find him at the Garretson booth outside the ballroom during the sessions. If your colleagues and you are looking for a quieter setting to have a more detailed conversation, some firms are setting meetings with him to discuss internal compliance protocols so John can make suggestions as to how the law firm can become more efficient and more profitable as a business.

We invite you to do so as well so that you ensure one of your takeaways from the ALAJ annual convention is a formalized process for identifying and satisfying reimbursement obligations proactively in order to maximize your firm’s time, resources and profitability. To set an appointment, please call John directly at (704) 594-1778 pre-conference or email him at

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