Claims Administration

GRG has administered and distributed more than $2 billion in gross settlement awards across dozens of mass tort settlements, involving tens of thousands of individual claimants. We bring knowledge and experience to guide funds to their final destination – the claimant.

GRG acts as a liaison between defendants, counsel, and litigants involved in mass tort and class action suits nationally. GRG provides administrative support throughout the claims management process and provides claimants with the proper notification concerning the terms and conditions of the proposed settlement and the anticipated settlement award disbursement timeline.

Our claimant correspondence packages ensure claimants are adequately informed pursuant to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct. We explain the details of the proposed settlement process, describe how claimant settlement awards will be determined, and allow claimants to determine if they would like to participate in the proposed settlement process.

Once a claimant has opted-in to the settlement, we provide the methodology used to evaluate all claims, a schedule of fees, estimated expenses, and current lien applications against a claimant’s settlement award amount, and disclose the number of points and estimated dollar amount awarded to each claimant.

GRG’s Claims Administration Services:

  • Serve as Special Master / Allocation Neutral
  • Design the settlement administration process
  • Implement the appropriate claimant communication protocols
  • Manage claims by driving participation rates, processing claims documents, and verifying claims data
  • Manage medical monitoring programs
  • Work with fund administrators to coordinate the disbursement of settlement funds, using Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) or other vehicles
  • Disburse settlement funds