What is a Private Lien Resolution Program?



A Private Lien Resolution Program is a voluntary program established to resolve the healthcare liens asserted by private health insurance providers for claimants in a specific mass tort settlement.

So what is a mass tort case?
A mass tort case refers to a large number of lawsuits related to the same item or event that are grouped together. Often, these cases are brought before the same judge or before the same court in a particular region because they’re similar claims involving the same consumer product, prescription drug or common event. These cases may involve hundreds or thousands of people with similar injuries throughout the country settling their cases on a mass or consolidated basis. For example, mass tort claims have involved the drug Vioxx, silicone breast implants, and diet drugs. Although there are many different people who claim that they were hurt or injured because of a specific product or medication, these people have all filed suit against the maker of the same product or drug.

While these claimants are all suing the same company and their lawsuits are grouped together – each person still has his/her own individual claim. That’s what makes a mass tort case unique. But the mass tort classification is important because it allows a small number of attorneys to represent many different plaintiffs with similar claims. In mass tort cases, your attorney may represent a number of people like you who allege they were injured in the same way, or by the same product or medication. Grouping the lawsuits allows attorneys to work together to investigate and/or defend claims and also allows the cases to proceed more quickly through the courts.

So, your case may involve a Private Lien Resolution Program if you have a mass tort claim, and you either have now – or had at the time of your injury – private health insurance, either from your employer or a policy you bought yourself. Again, if your case is NOT part of a mass tort, then the Private Lien Resolution Program does NOT apply to you.

In individual -- or as we sometimes call them single event cases like cases involving car accidents or falls on private property -- private liens are resolved individually in a one-at-a-time fashion outside of a private lien resolution program.

If you ARE a part of a mass tort case, and you currently have or used to have a private health insurance plan, then a Private Lien Resolution Program may be part of any settlement agreement you participate in. As mentioned earlier, a Private Lien Resolution Program is a way to resolve any valid and enforceable liens your insurance company may have on your settlement proceeds. The terms of your private insurance plan may require you to let the insurance company know that you are receiving a settlement, and then pay your insurance company back – when you get your settlement – for the medical costs of treating your injury.

A private lien resolution program is a way for you to ensure that any liens your private insurance company might have, are taken care of. If you agree to take part in a Private Lien Resolution Program, the Garretson Resolution Group will resolve any liens your insurance company might have if they are participating in the program. A Private Lien Resolution Program addresses the private healthcare liens for everyone who agrees to participate.