How long does it normally take to resolve a Medicaid lien in an individual case?



In many states, Medicaid liens can be resolved rather quickly in individual cases. Also, in many states you cannot settle your personal injury case unless Medicaid consents to the settlement and you first agree with Medicaid on the amount of the lien. However, if you and your attorney are unable to agree with your state’s Medicaid agency on the lien amount, it may be necessary to go to court, which takes additional time.

So What Can You Do to Speed Up the Process?

Keep an accurate journal of all the medical treatment you receive that’s related to your injury, including the name of the provider and the date and type of service. Typically, Medicaid has up to 90 days to process a medical expense claim. Often, this process takes longer because the medical care provider does not send out bills on a timely basis.

Review your medical records and see if there are discrepancies in billing. Follow up with your medical care providers to ensure that they’ve billed Medicaid on a timely and accurate basis. If you are still receiving care at the time of settlement, work with your doctors and therapists to determine the last injury-related medical expense that is to be submitted to Medicaid. This process can take a long time, but failing to follow these tips often delays it even more.