Affiance Partners

About Us

Affiance Partners is the solution to your Medicare Set Aside (MSA) administrative service needs. We provide meticulous and comprehensive adminstration of MSA accounts and ensure compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) rules and regulations to protect a beneficiary's Medicare eligibility. 

The benefits to utilizing Affiance Partners' MSA Account Program are invaluable. 

For the Medicare beneficiary: 

  • Protects government benefit eligibility.
  • Educates on the appropriate use of MSA funds.
  • Relieves the burden of reporting information to CMS.

For the insurer and attorneys: 

  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Provides a trusted resource and ally for the Medicare beneficiary.
  • Manages future care and avoids post-settlement liability.

For Medicare: 

  • Guarantees that allocated funds are used for their intended purposes.
  • Provides a uniform method to comply with disbursement and reporting obligations.
  • Protects Medicare's interests.

Why choose Affiance Partners?

  • Proven experience in the administration of liability and workers' compensation MSAs as well as medical payment accounts.
  • One-on-one assistance to ensure the beneficiary is properly educated on MSAs.
  • Enrollment in a national prescription cost-containment program that is recognized by more than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Banking services that include free checking for all transactions. Affiance taps the resources of a national banking institution to offer the convenience of modern banking as well as the safeguards of a respected financial institution.
  • A recognized Affiance card to present to providers when receiving medical treatment for injury-related services.
  • Access to the nation's leading lien resolution professionals at Garretson Resolution Group – experts with extensive experience in single event and mass tort matters.
  • Access to Elder Law attorneys for guidance on any CMS/Medicare issues that arise in the administration of MSAs.
  • Proven experience in coordinating the use of Special Needs Trusts with MSAs to protect entitlement to government benefits.
  • Compliance in an increasingly complex and constantly changing area.