Healthcare Lien & Future Medical Allocation Compliance Program

Every new personal injury case that comes through the door requires valuable time and resources to resolve healthcare obligations, and continuing to handle it in-house on a case-by-case basis is becoming more and more inefficient. Consider this: one recent study suggests that 55% of the average personal injury law firm’s cash flow is tied up in liens that impact 15% of the firm’s overall case inventory.

GRG’s Healthcare Lien and Future Medical Compliance Program allows firms to redirect all healthcare lien-related activity to GRG’s vast resources. GRG seamlessly integrates with your firm’s internal processes, ensuring that each of your cases gets the attention it deserves from a dedicated team of analysts.

When you engage GRG’s healthcare compliance program services, we will assist you in establishing a system to send all cases to GRG for evaluation and resolution. In each case, GRG will address:

Past Cost of Care:

Evaluate and resolve healthcare liens

Future Cost of Care:

Evaluate, allocate and submit future medical allocations

MMSEA Compliance:

Provide tools that allow your firm to collaborate with the defense to ensure compliance and avoid settlement delays

MMSEA Compliance:
Our tiered fee schedules allow firms to outsource all cases regardless of final award values. Our terms encourage initiating activity early in the litigation continuum, which lowers the overall cost of lien resolution to your firm.  

Benefits to Key Stakeholders

• Quicker access to net proceeds
• Lien reductions = Higher net proceeds
• Satisfy contractual and/or statutory obligations
• Protect future healthcare benefits
• Minimize risk of future lien actions

• Ensure compliance
• Improve cash flow (quicker settlement closing)
• Improve client satisfaction
• Reduce overhead costs
• Charge fee as case expense
• GRG subject matter expertise at your disposal

• No more sitting on hold with lienholders
• Focus on other core responsibilities
• Less training demands; don’t have to keep up with changing rules and regulations